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What is a Stress Bucket?

Visualize a stress bucket within you, accumulating the tensions of daily life. Work, home responsibilities, health concerns, and financial pressures contribute to its contents. At times, the bucket feels light; other times, it weighs heavily.

Just as we come in different shapes and sizes, our stress buckets vary in capacity. What feels overwhelming to one person might be manageable to another. Our unique responses to stress are natural; diversity in coping mechanisms is part of what makes us human. Embrace these differences and recognize that it’s okay to navigate stress at your own pace.

Everyone experiences stress in different ways at different times. Occasionally stress can be good, it can push us to work hard.

However, prolonged exposure to stress can make us feel overwhelmed and will eventually lead to problems. The stress bucket is a solution focused activity that encourages you to visualise and label the things that cause you stress. The arrows represent the things that cause you stress that gradually “fill up” your bucket.

The tap represents your “release”. You release stress by doing things you enjoy and things that are good for your wellbeing.

Stress Bucket Exercise works well

Complete Your Own Stress Bucket

Identify the things that cause you stress and write them around the top of the bucket. Then think about the things you do currently that help you to manage that stress and write them around the bottom of the bucket.

Take a moment to consider..

How full is your bucket at present?

Do you turn to healthy ways to “release” stress?

What are the signs and symptoms that help you to identify that your bucket is getting too full?

Is there anything else you could do/work on that will help prevent your bucket from overflowing?

Download Free PDF Printable Stress Bucket for you to use.

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