Corporate Well Being Solutions

Corporate Well Being Solutions

Learn how HHS can help and improve well-being in a corporate environment.

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corporate workshops on wellbeing and mental health

On average, approximately one in six workers face mental health difficulties.

How can our corporate solution services for mental health improve you staff’s wellbeing

Work based stress is often the primary reason for mental health difficulties at work. Our aim is to collaborate with your organization in fostering a positive and nurturing atmosphere, where your employees feel valued, supported, and comfortable discussing mental health.

At HHS Wellbeing we are able to customize our support structure to cater to the specific needs of your workforce, promoting well-being and overall happiness in the workplace.

“A shortage of self confidence, a mentality to overthink and a need to deliver perfection..”

“A shortage of self confidence, a mentality to overthink and a need to deliver perfection..”

– Young man, who received support from Gemma.


Employee-based support for mental health at work promotes well-being, reduces stress, and enhances job satisfaction. It creates a supportive culture where employees feel valued, leading to increased productivity and overall organizational success. Sign up to a bespoke service that gives you access to one-to-one therapeutic support for those staff in need, we can offer this service both face to face and remotely.


Hit pause, invest in your team and allow for some much-needed time out. Join us for a day full of coaching, guidance, self-care solutions and innovative team building activities with Wellbeing at the core. Allow your team time to work together to resolve issues and ingrained habits leading to improved productivity and increased job satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your tailored away day and start benefiting straight away.



They provide a break from the usual work routine, promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and stress reduction. These workshops allow people to focus on their physical and mental well-being, fostering a positive work culture, enhancing team bonding, and ultimately increasing productivity and personal satisfaction.

Our workshops and support sessions are tailored to your specific needs. As an example here are some of our available workshops:

  • Mental Health Awareness – Signs, Symptoms and Strategies
  • Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout
  • Positive Wellbeing – Team Building
  • The Importance of Self Care
  • Building Resilience to Stress
  • Stress to Psychosis, Preventing Mental Illness

Where can you receive our corporate support sessions?

We provide on-site support at your workplace, a convenient & familiar environment for employees to access well being services. Creating a secure space where individuals can receive therapeutic support directly in their workplace.

For those who prefer a more neutral environment, sessions can be conducted in a dedicated therapy room. Remote sessions extend our services and ensure access to mental health support without geographical constraints.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you aren’t sure which service or workshop are applicable to your specific needs, feel free to request a free consultation from us to discuss your needs or to answer any questions you may have.

People showing relief from our mental health resources


Use our many resources and guides for some stress free self-help.

Use our many resources and guides for some stress free self-help.

We have a range of guides on mindfulness techniques and information regarding self-harm, check out our resource centre for more information.

One-to-One Support Sessions

We offer one to one therapeutic support at home, in school, remotely or a neutral space.

School Support & Workshop

We are here to help schools navigate the complex & ever-changing world of mental health.

Wellbeing Support for Parents

As parents we all know that it is hard to find time for yourself and can be a constant challenge.

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