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How the Tangled Ball technique can help pupils identify, label and express their feelings.

This straightforward activity, The Tangled Ball, serves as a valuable tool for pupils to articulate and understand their emotions. Emphasize that there’s no right or wrong way to feel, acknowledging that emotions can often feel complex and overwhelming.

By shading in the words that resonate most with them on the provided diagram, students can begin to recognize and explore the range of emotions they’re experiencing. This activity fosters open dialogue about their feelings, creating a supportive environment for self-expression.

For secondary school pupils, guide them in identifying additional support available within the school to navigate their emotions effectively. Encourage discussions about accessing resources such as counselling services or support groups.

It’s essential to remain vigilant during this activity, as pupils may disclose safeguarding concerns. Follow your school’s established safeguarding procedures promptly and ensure appropriate support is provided.

tangled ball technique

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